Do you love to travel? Do you seek adventure wherever you can? Well, that’s me. Exploring, learning, eating great food, drinking great wine (the best we can afford, anyway) and living a life of adventure.  That is my passion. It didn’t change when my daughter, Rachel, was born. She went on her first plane trip when she was 5-months -old. She got her passport before she hit two.

My husband, Rafael, Rachel and I have gone on a lot of great travel adventures together. My job is to research and plan our trips, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. There are just so many great places out there to see!

Rachel is now in college, and while she doesn’t have as much time to travel with us, Rafael and I continue to explore. We have a lot of great stories to share. Friends always said I should write about some of our experiences; to help others who might want to have adventures like ours, but didn’t know how.

Well, here are the stories. They are in no particular order. Just whatever I feel like writing about. I hope you enjoy them.

Leslie Fonseca

Machu Picchu
The Ice Cave in Iceland

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a great adventure, one I can only imagine. So glad you had the chance to experience it. The world is such a wonderful place, filled with so many different ways of life. Like my niece, Rachel would say, “titi ama live life to the fullest!!”


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