Bio: Do you love to travel? Do you seek adventure wherever you can? Well, that’s me. Exploring, learning, eating great food, drinking great wine (the best we can afford, anyway) and living a life of adventure. That is my passion. It didn't change when my daughter, Rachel, was born. She went on her first plane trip when she was 5-months -old. She got her passport before she hit two. As much as finances (and time!) allowed, we traveled. We would sit around and think of a good place to go, and I would start researching. Turns out, I love researching and planning for trips. And, I’m good at it! Rachel is now a sophomore in high school and 15-years-old. We have a lot of great stories to tell from our travels. We add new ones every year. Friends always said I should write about some of our experiences; to help others who might want to have adventures like ours, but didn't know how. Well, here are the stories, and the help you need to get started exploring. I welcome comments and questions. I would love to help! Enjoy, Leslie Fonseca

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a great adventure, one I can only imagine. So glad you had the chance to experience it. The world is such a wonderful place, filled with so many different ways of life. Like my niece, Rachel would say, “titi ama live life to the fullest!!”


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