Feel the Rush; a River Slide Adventure in Puerto Rico

“I climb up the slippery rocks with my sister-in-law. We eye the torrent of water that is flowing to our right and try to figure out where we should get in. I slowly climb into the middle of the river slide, holding on to the rocks at the side while I get my bearings…and my courage! I let go and race down the smooth river rock. I twist and turn as I pick up speed. With a splash I hit the pool at the bottom. What fun! I just took a ride on the natural water slide called Las Pailas (or Paylas) in Luquillo, Puerto Rico….”

Please go to Clapway to read the rest of my article. I’m doing a whole series on Puerto Rico, a place very close to my heart. There will be stories of adventures, day-trips and the inside scoop that only a local can give you.









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